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Critical Objectives

CHEGC aims to actualize its mission through:

  • Research: Our research agenda seeks to inform both researchers and policymakers on the importance of preparing, training, and holding accountable postsecondary governance structures to effectively deal with changing demographics and the shifting societal demands of colleges and universities.

  • Education: Our research is targeted at expanding the existing knowledge regarding boards of higher education within 3 key communities: researchers, board members, and society at large. This focus on education is not only relegated to our classrooms but also to the members of the larger community.

  • Consulting: Leveraging theoretical, empirical, and practical expertise, we aim to help postsecondary leaders prepare and plan for the challenges facing postsecondary education.

  • Collaboration: We are decidedly transdisciplinary, multi-method, pragmatic and team-oriented in advancing our work.

  • Innovation: Our research attempts to fuse research and practice in order to create and disseminate practice tools, approaches, and guidelines useful for decision-makers in higher education.


The mission of the Critical Higher Education Governance Collaborative (CHEGC) is to investigate, challenge, examine, and influence current governance practices and research within higher education through a critical lens, focusing on the intersection of leadership, governance, race, power, and equity.


The collaborative aims to disseminate rigorous and relevant research related to the governance and control of higher education that centers issues of equity, diversity, inclusion and student success.


Through our research, training and professional development, we engage with institutional leaders, state and federal policymakers, and governing bodies to address the major governance challenges that exist at institutions of higher education which lead to inequitable outcomes and non-inclusive environments. We also aim to highlight best practices and model institutions to aid in establishing training and assessment tools for institutional leaders and governing bodies.

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